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 Magnesium Complex formular

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PostSubject: Magnesium Complex formular   Magnesium Complex formular EmptyMon Oct 10, 2016 12:01 pm

Due to a medical event, I was put onto stains 3 years ago. 18 months ago due to horrendous side effect of muscle cramps I took myself off them. The side effects did improve but only slightly, I still had awful muscle cramps.  

At the same time I started Chinese Acupuncture with Moxibustion, This helped, to improve my overall IC symptoms by maybe 30 %. During my treatment the Chinese Doc told me the Chinese believe IC is muscle spasm caused by inflammation in the bladder which is caused by poor blood circulation.  The acupuncture helps with blood circulation, and the Moxibustion helps relax muscles.

So back to the symptoms of the stains, faced with horrendous neck cramps I went to the pharmacy. The told me to buy CoQ10 150 mg AND Magnesium Plus Complex Formula. Lots of brands here in Aus but the best apparently is Living Health. I started with 1 tablet of the CQ10 per day, and 2 of the magnesium complex, then I noticed a strange thing. Frequency started to reduce but volume of urine increased when I went to the bath room. At the same time that horrid pressure pain and that feeling of needing to go started to decrease. The cramps in my neck reduced, but I still had them and the container did say for muscle cramps AND SPASUMS increase to 4 tablets per day with food. The increase was 10 days ago.

My neck feels heaps better , and so have my IC symptoms ! I  have reduced from going to the bathroom ever 30 minuets to every 2 hours or so ! Again the volume of urine has increased, bladder pain is vastly improved and the feeling of needing to go vastly decreased. I am not having acupuncture at the moment due to cost, so just Vesicare 5mg and CQ10 and Magnesium Plus complex formular

I am wondering if I have stumbled on something that is easy to find and cheap , that actually works on IC ? I dont know but, putting together what the Chinese doctor told me about circulation and muscle cramps and what CQ10 and Magnesium are made to do, I thought some out there may be interested in what I have found.
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Magnesium Complex formular
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