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 Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?

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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? Empty
PostSubject: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?   Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? EmptyTue Aug 30, 2016 12:11 pm

I found a YouTube video of a cardiovascular surgeon from Guatemala. He believes that Interstitial Cystitis is caused by pelvic congestion syndrome where there is not ample blood flow to the veins on the outer part of the bladder. Perhaps this is a contributing factor? Maybe not the cause but I was wondering what everyone thought about pelvic congestion syndrome and it's possible link to IC symptoms/ etiology.

Here is the link to the video https://youtu.be/pUlY8qggeDw
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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?   Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? EmptyTue Aug 30, 2016 3:42 pm

Yes, my GP suggested this and I did explore it early on. I think it's also known as ovarian vein syndrome. I think an interventional radiologist is considered best placed to test for it - but mine was by a gynaecologist (so probably didn't test properly). I know someone who was diagnosed with this a few months back and was having the little coils inserted. I might check in with her.

From what I understand through her, people with pelvic congestion syndrome get worse as the days goes on and find relief when laying down. Apparently it's being diagnosed more commonly, as more interventional radiology centres are looking for it. There are clinics in WA, QLD, VIC that I've found online.

Thanks for sharing the youtube clip. Warning: watch with the sound turned off! Smile
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Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?
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