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 Urology as I see it

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PostSubject: Urology as I see it   Urology as I see it EmptyTue Jul 26, 2016 11:32 am

Every time you talk about bladder pain you are told it's like every other pain, only it's not, it's the bladders way of telling you something is wrong. When people talk to their doctor saying they have stomach pain the doctor doesn't tell them to take an antideppressent, no he looks for a cause and often it's because of an excessive overgrowth of a particular bacteria. Once the bacteria are gone the pain goes away. Every time I read comments on forums I am struck by the amount of uncertainty there is regarding this condition. Nearly every person posting is struggling to get any answers at all, yet it seems there are hundreds of possible conditions, and then each urologist interprets the symptoms differently or ignores certain symptoms saying that even people who aren't in pain have glomerulations or trigonitis or inflammatio ect etc. All we want is correct diagnosis. Urology is another word for ill give it my best guess. No other area of medicine seems to work on the best guess formula as much as urology. can you imagine if a certain Prof Marshal decided to treat stomach ulcers with antacids instead of looking at what was causing the pain and discomfort in the gut first and then tailoring a treatment for the specific condition. That's real medicine. Urologists really don't know what's going on and they don't have good diagnostic practices in urology, Unless it's cancer, that's where the money is. Can you imagine if every time a person went to a specialist for a headache and the specialist said lets put a tube in your brain to look around. They never stick any thing in your brain unless they are a hundred percent sure about what's going on.why stick cameras and chemicals into people's bladder unless you know exactly what's going on, get a clear diagnosis first and then work towards a treatment. With bladder pain this doesn't seem to be the case. It's let stick a camera in and have a poke around even if we know it will probably aggravate the bladder and make it worse. Heart specialists don't have to go into the Heart to diagnose heart issues, most medicine doesn't involve going into the organ to find a diagnosis, this only aggravates things especially the bladder which is sensitive to insult. Imagine a brain surgeon sticking a tube in the brain to try and work out why we get headaches. Why do they keep doing it for the bladder. They don't ever go into the brain or any other body part without a clear diagnosis first. Nope urology sucks, they don't get it right unless it's prostate cancer or some other form of cancer. Until urologists start looking at the bladder as a second brain there will never be any way of correctly diagnosing bladder issues. Some methods they use are about a hundred or more years old. The first French urologist to diagnose bladder pain with hunners did it via cystoscopy over a hundred years ago. The bladder is as complex as the brain, it seems that there is tons of research going on but no good quality diagnostic tools. For instance I had videourodynamics done which is supposedly the bees knees of functional bladder diagnostic tools, but it can't tell a urologist if the external or internal sphincter is malfunctioning. It's half a diagnostic tool, it tells half a story if your lucky, even then it's still only best guess when interpreting the results. Urology and bladder pain can never progress beyond the dark ages until new diagnostic tools are developed to look at it. The days of cystoscopy, hydro distensions, installations if we are lucky are numbered. Modern diagnostic criteria are required, live imaging techniques, scans similar to those done for brains, chemical signatures, new generation methods of detecting bacteria and viruses, a clean fresh look at diagnosis is needed. And guess what, I think that is what Prof Marshal is trying to do. But I hope he doesn't stop half way. Please use every modern technique possible to get answers. And finally, gut bacteria, there is about one and a half kilos of gut bacteria but we can't indiscriminately kill it of every time we think there is a problem with the bladder. Gut bacteria is intrically involved with the immune system and every time you take antibiotics it effects the immune system. So it may not be he best answer to continually give antibiotics if there is no clear diagnosis of an infection. Which is why it's so important to look at other ways of getting the body to eliminate bacteria without anti biotics. That's why I think so many women get recurring UTIs. So many antibiotics kill of all the good bacteria and then it's super easy for bad bacteria to take its place. The bad bacteria keep taking over easily if all the good bacteria are destroyed. Is there any urologist who knows what good bacteria are supposed to live in the bladder. No one can tell me that the bladder is supposed to be 100 percent bacteria free zone. If we kill of the good bacteria we need to know how to replace it with good bacteria. Bacteria and the immune system are systems that are interdependent and can't live without each other. Good luck finding a cause, treatment and cure.
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PostSubject: So true.    Urology as I see it EmptyMon Nov 07, 2016 9:40 pm

I agree with everything you say. I've been through most of what you've talked about. I was given heaps of different antibiotics without any infection showing and I just got worse. I had a cystoscopy with Hydro done to help diagnose the condition and then I raised concerns about getting a UTI from it I was ignored. I wasn't given anything to prevent an infection and I got a whopper drug resistant one.  I ended up being on Endep because it was the only thing that helped with the pain but it's not enough because I have to increase my dose and when I take it I feel horrible, I have family members with mental illness and I know how badly long term use of antidepressants affects the body. My sister had really bad bowl issues because of these drugs. I've had pelvic floor therapy and the pelvic floor therapist has listened to me and shown more compassion then every urologist I've seen so far, the therapy has helped a little bit but not enough because my pain is from inside my bladder. The last urology appointment I had i was asking to be treated but she couldn't do anything except raise me Endep dose. I can't believe there is hardly any treatments for people with bladder pain. I've heard Interstitial Cystitis can cause pain as bad as a stage 4 cancer patient yet there's not much that can be done. I believe there should be more government funding for this research.
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PostSubject: Re: Urology as I see it   Urology as I see it EmptyTue Mar 28, 2017 7:27 pm

I agree 100% Then there is the other issue where I was told because I didn't have visible bladder wall damage and I had good bladder capacity that apparently means I should've have IC. But fact is I do have every symptom and I react to food and drinks when I never used to before. I've a history of UTI's and I've had a lot of antibiotics over the years. So somehow I think the criteria for determining what the problem is needs a serious review along with the diagnostic methods as you've said.
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PostSubject: Re: Urology as I see it   Urology as I see it EmptyWed Mar 29, 2017 2:57 am

You have taken my thoughts and put them into words Dan, couldn't agree more. Glad Prof Marshall and his team are trying new methods to find the cause and subsequently the cure.
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PostSubject: Re: Urology as I see it   Urology as I see it Empty

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Urology as I see it
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