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 Gene therapy for IC?

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PostSubject: Gene therapy for IC?   Gene therapy for IC? EmptySun Jul 10, 2016 3:06 am

I will post an article from the journal Nature that summarizes around 143 studies done on IC. They talk about C-Fiber afferent in our bladder that become hyper exited and have hypertrophy. They also discuss the possibility of using a viral host to edit some parts of our genes that cause this type of inflammation. I was wondering if Professor Marshall and his team were going to look into the genomics of Interstitial Cystitis. Perhaps once we find the chromosome or gene that is different from the healthy controls, maybe we can edit that gene to make it like the healthy controls and it could find the answer we've been looking for. Anyway here in the journal Nature article http://www.nature.com/gt/journal/v16/n4/full/gt200919a.html
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Gene therapy for IC?
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