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 Enough research! !!!!

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Enough research! !!!! Empty
PostSubject: Enough research! !!!!   Enough research! !!!! EmptySat Apr 23, 2016 12:45 pm

The more i read the more i realise just how much research has been going over the last 10 years regarding bladder pain. Tons of it, reports upon reports. The cause of IC has been found a dozens times over, they know what triggers it, they know what aggravates it, they know there's different types, they know how to treat it and cure it. Yet they call it a syndrome. There's enough knowledge there for it not to be called a syndrome. It should be called an incurable disease at the moment. Problem is that science cannot keep up with the knowledge they already have. How do you recoat the bladder or encourage the lining to regrow in people who's bodies just can't regrow the epithelium or gag layers. If they can work out how to regrow the faulty layer then how do you isolate it to the bladder only. The research has been done to death, what's needed is clever ways to treat and recoat the bladder so that the nerves don't get so hyper sensitive. Research has shown that invasive surgery, trauma and bacteria can trigger ic. Once those nerve endings are activated how do you quieten them down without causing retention, drug reactions etc. Why do some people get IC when they have invasive surgery or bacteria or trauma and others don't? That's just the luck of the draw. Those that don't get IC have the ability to regenerate cells in the bladder. They are the lucky ones. But the research Even shows that regardless of the cause they know what to do about it and how to cure but do not have the means of delivering the treatment so it sticks. But they are getting better. There are dozens of instills being trialed in the US all designed to recoat the bladder one way or the other. They are trying and researching but one size doesn't fit all. I have no doubt, but my uro would dispute my theory that my bladder pain kicked off 23 years ago when as a teenager i had a rather distressing kidney stone removed by cystoscopy. I felt ok after afterwards but did remark to my GP that my bladder felt irritable. He said it's just a side effect of the surgery to remove stone fast forward 23 years and it slowly progressed to the chronic condition it is today. Strangely it was a second kidney stone 18 months ago that further aggravated my bladder to the extent that i have full blown bladder pain and dysfunction. So whatever triggered it in the first place or didn't trigger it in some people, the cure is out there for most of us.
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PostSubject: Re: Enough research! !!!!   Enough research! !!!! EmptyFri Apr 29, 2016 2:27 pm

Hi Dan, I am still of the thought that stem cells are the way to go. Taken from your own body we should not get a reaction. There was a program on TV the other evening where a lady had a car accident and had been in agony for years with damaged disks. She was treated with stem cells and the results have been amazing.
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PostSubject: Re: Enough research! !!!!   Enough research! !!!! EmptySat Jul 30, 2016 6:20 am

For 10 years a researcher in the US has been finding more and more Lyme Disease in the population that complains of bladder symptoms. If you know about LD you know that the symptoms or co-infections can end up in almost anyplace in the body. A good blood test can find these bacteria and they must be treated to end the overall body symptoms. Insects can carry these bacteria and transmit them to humans. It is not just ticks but other insects also. Lyme Disease can become chronic even after initial treatment if all the bacteria are not eradicated. As time goes on the researcher is finding an overwhelming majority of bladder patients are harboring other kinds of bacteria that are not considered the usual bladder pathogens. Biofilms are also present and they must be penetrated to reach the bacteria.

Many persons will tell you that they did not recover completely until the LD was treated. There may be other infections that are from protozoans and also cause bladder symptoms and must be found through super good testing. Research must be ongoing.
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Enough research! !!!!
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