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 Another sufferer

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PostSubject: Another sufferer    Another sufferer  EmptyThu Aug 23, 2018 7:56 am

I am a 71 year old male living in Adelaide and in general enjoy good health.  In May 2017 I had a TURP procedure to effect a 'prostate re-bore'.  Discomfort continued so the Urologist performed a cystoscopy and found some inflammation on the bladder wall from which he extracted a biopsy. This was declared clear of any issues, as indeed were all the other tests , bloods, urine, liver, kidney etc . The discomfort and frequency did not abate for which the Urologist had no answer.  I then tried another Urologist  early in 2018 and by now the frequency was accompanied by pain in the bladder and urethra. Another cystoscopy ensued and he found that where the biopsy had been taken had ulcerated somewhat, although no treatment was applied. A CT scan was done on the pelvic region, as well as more urine and blood tests. All were declared clear, which seems to be recurring theme with this condition. This doctor at least gave it a name, IC/BPS, and after trying some antibiotics the pain and frequency increased and subsequently he prescribed Elmiron and I am on my third month of treatment. This has been minimally effective as while the extreme shooting pains to the urethra have abated, I experience varying degrees of pain every day. I am hoping that research will find a cure for this debilitating condition.
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Another sufferer
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