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 My IC story

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sarah louise

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PostSubject: My IC story   My IC story EmptyThu Oct 12, 2017 3:57 am

I thought I would write my story.
My symptoms started this January 2017 after I was sexually assaulted. I think it was a drug rape as I have no recollection of what happened. I had large areas of bruising. The person who did this to me said that he never had sex with me; he said that he used his fingers in me, up my bottom and in my vagina for many hours.
A few days later I developed symptoms of cystitis, burning in my urethra and unable to stop urinating. I had some antibiotics at home so I took them for about 4 days but things kept getting worse. I went to a walk in centre at my local hospital and they did a urine test which was negative however put me on another course of antibiotics. Things continued getting worse so I visited my GP who again did a urine test which was negative however put me on another weeks course of antibiotics. I went to a STD clinic (went twice) where I was negative for all infections. As it was treated as assault I had the hepatitis B shot, I did not need to continue the course as my blood test showed immunity. The pain in my pelvis/abdoemen all this time was increasing and it felt worse than labour. My abdomen was swollen, I looked pregnant. I was passing urine approx 20-30 times an hour. My GP treated my symptoms and PID even though no infection was detected. I had a smear which was normal.
I found a private GP who diagnosed interstitial cystitis. She put me on a low dose antidepressant to manage the pain, a bladder relaxant and an anti-inflammatory. Things calmed down a little however it was hard to walk as the pressure and pain in my bladder was horrendous. Also I have lichen sclerosis which had remained dormant for many years however it had flared so she treated me with dermovate steroid cream. The frequency and pain continued so I booked a private appointment with a gyny who specialises in gyny. After a consultation he transferred me to the NHS whereby he carried out a cystocotomy. This didn’t show a lot just a small amount of redness. He said I had IC, overactive bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction and then discharged me!!!!! Since all of this going on, I have developed a small cystocoele.
I searched the internet and found the proff in Harley street and I made an appointment in the beginning of April. He tested my urine and said that I had a high level of pus cells which indicated that I had a chronic bladder infection and not IC. He started me on 500 mg azithromycin daily. I started to get better, however September most of my symptoms returned. I contacted the professor and he commenced me on hiprex twice daily (urine disinfectant) which appears to be helping.
My main symptoms the moment are the feelings of heaviness in my bladder, it feels like it is full all the time. If I slightly push my pelvic area it hurts, it feels like when you’re bursting to go to the toilet. I have frequency however I try and control this and make myself wait between 2-3 hours; this is a challenge at times as it increases the pressure. After I’ve urinated, I need to stand up and then sit down and push a bit more out. I need to do this a few times to try and stop the feeling of wanting to keep going. The only way I can describe my vaginal area is like it’s falling out and often feels dry, I’m very conscious of this feeling at all times. It’s an uncomfortable sensation when I tilt my pelvis and when I sit to stand. My uterus is painful. If I put my finger inside and touch my uterus it is the same pain as when I tilt my pelvis, it also makes me urinate. This is difficult on the rare occasions that I have sex with my boyfriend as I either have to stop to go to the toilet or it makes me go which is not pleasant for me. I have a pain in my pubic bones left side and through my sacral bones. Prior to all this I classed myself as fit and well and enjoyed life. I really hope that Proffesor Marhall can find a cure

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PostSubject: Re: My IC story   My IC story EmptyThu Nov 02, 2017 11:34 am

oh, its so long to read it. it takes me so much time
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My IC story
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