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 IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34

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IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34 Empty
PostSubject: IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34   IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34 EmptySun Feb 21, 2016 7:54 pm

My IC-symptoms came suddenly almost from one day to another four weeks after I gave birth to my baby. I developed frequency, urgency, discomfort, pressure and heaviness. I also suddenly had a very discomforting tingling in my vagina and clitoris. This feeling worsened when i breastfed.

The delivery was quick with episiotomy and trauma to the tailbone. I was in so much pain I could not sit, only lie on the side, so I took NSAIDS as recommended the next weeks. I developed mastitis and got two short courses of antibiotics (which wrongly were cut even shorter when my pain got better), then got thrush (Candida in my breasts) and urticaria on my buttom and lower abdomen and thighs every night. I also took sitz baths in lukewarm water as recommended to heal the episiotomy, and did a massive amount of Kegel's to repair my pelvic muscles. The reason I am writing all of these things that may sound irrelevant at first, is that they have all been connected to IC or similar conditions.

*NSAIDS may cause ulcers in the stomach and is secreted in the urine, so maybe they contribute to ulcers or inflammation in the bladder?
* Sitz baths makes a thriving environment for pathogens to enter into urethra and bladder
* Overdoing Kegel's may contribute to pelvic muscles that are tense and too tight
* Candida can contribute to bladder symptoms
* Urticaria and vaginal tingling (sexual arousal) occurs when mast cells release histamine. This may be a consequence of irritated mucousal tissue or nerves in the bladder.
* The female body is very low in estrogen after birth, which makes the bladder vulnerable to infection.

At first my cultures grew Enterococcus Faecalis – but then the bacteria started to come and go, unrelated to the antibiotics my doctor perscribed. So I saw three urologists and had flowmetry, and two cystoscopies with no findings. I found that none of the urologists would listen to me. They told me to relax and have a glass of wine, and that it might be just psychological! So I have been doing what I can on my own. I take Betmiga, I cut spicy and sour foods, sugar, gluten and almost all dairy (casein) as well as poly- and disaccharides to try to heal my microbiome in the gut, I take iodine as I am very sufficient and iodine is essential to mucous membranes and I go to a manual therapist and chiropractor to have pelvic floor and rectal manipulation/stretches. I have been trying bacteriophage therapy (friendly viruses that eliminate pathogens) where the clinic found my bladder walls to be thickened and uneven, and that there were sediments that did not mix well with the urine. Lately I have been seing a Professor who’s research connect IC to an embedded infection. I don’t know how my story goes from here, but I have great hope for your research on IC and wish you all the best.
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IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34 Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34   IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34 EmptyThu Apr 07, 2016 9:54 am

How has treatment of any progressed.
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IC- symptoms came overnight in female 34
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