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 I am new to this forum too !

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I am new to this forum too ! Empty
PostSubject: I am new to this forum too !   I am new to this forum too ! EmptyFri Jun 30, 2017 3:01 am

I am 54 and was diagnosed with IC in 2012 after many visits to my GP with UTI symptoms but nothing showing up in any tests.  I was lucky that I was diagnosed within 9 mths with a cystoscopy.  I was put on amitriptyline for around 5 months and  I had started on a strict IC died for food and drink and was making good progress so  came off the medication.  If I wanted to have a glass of wine,  I would take Prelief to reduce the acid and I managed with that.  I restricted my exercise to just walking.  In 2015, I started getting UTIs again, this time infection was showing on the dip stick but nothing when it went to the Lab so back on the antibiotic trail again, each one failing and I was getting no relief at all.  I was lucky to have a very understanding employer. I joined a facebook group which was newly formed for Irish IC sufferers and it was during discussions with them, I was put in touch with a doctor in the UK who specialises in recurrent infections.  I went over to see her and she tested the samples in the lab over 3 years, and 3 bacteria showed up, one is now gone but the other 2 are proving very resistant.  My UK GP feels my IC started the same year as my menopause and feels that hormones play at big part in your bladder.  So, I am currently on a long course of antibiotics but also taking naturals that she recommended - D-Mannose 4 times a day, Oil of Oregano twice , an antihistamine at night, cannot take also in the morning as it makes me drowsy and she recently recommended a low carb, sugar free, no wine and no swimming to reduce down a flare up of infection again.  I am also taking vagifem twice a week. That is as well as maintaining the IC diet so I am having great fun, as you can imagine.  That is my story of IC, I know that it is different for everyone but what we all have in common is a wish that someone somewhere would take an interest and find the source and a good treatment for us and this forum looks like a very good start for that.
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I am new to this forum too !
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