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 Hi there everyone. my story

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Hi there everyone. my story Empty
PostSubject: Hi there everyone. my story   Hi there everyone. my story EmptyThu Jun 29, 2017 1:35 am

Hi. 'I m newly diagnosed with I.C. Just recently, I have an infection in my bladder,this might sound strange but its the only way to describe this, my urine smell of dead mouse,like horrible strong stench. Anyway, I was given an antibiotic called Macrodantin, I don't know which antibiotic is the best as I never been treated properly so now due to constant Urinary T Infections, I was finally diagnosed with IC .I am awaiting 2nd visit to a urologist,I would like a better Urologist,not getting good treatment there.Doctor is of no help, as they seem to not know what to do with someone with I.C, so you feel like your on your own. Just recently my bladder has developed very bad infection that is getting worse,I am scared that This has gone on way too long and its too late for me to ever heal this this condition. I have been constantly visiting my and many other Doctors for several years, with urine samples, with very high level of blood in my urine/urethral pain/bladder spasms/constant voiding/severe urgency/frequency/urge incontinence/leakages due to sneezing,walking/floods of urine leakage sometimes/kidneys sore and achy/severe back pain on the right side/needing to get up several times at night. Nothing was done about it, I felt I was Ignored, and sometimes treated like a hypochondriac. I had constant UTI'S which needed treatment, and I know if I had proper treatment at the beginning for my constant UTI'S, and I am certain about this,That I would not have developed this chronic condition. One memory of one Doctors reaction to me constantly calling in to her regularly, was she screamed at me, said something I dont know what as it was so long ago,and I left quickly as I had my young Child with me and I thought it was my fault so I kept quite,since made complaint against this Doctor. I would love to hear any similar stories and how people coped and how to heal and treat this horrible condition. All I know if UTI's are left untreated for long periods, they can turn chronic like in my case. Anyway,kind regard to everyone,wishing everyone well. silent
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Hi there everyone. my story
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