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 No more work for me.

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No more work for me.  Empty
PostSubject: No more work for me.    No more work for me.  EmptyFri Nov 18, 2016 2:45 pm

My bladder is taking a toll on my physically and mentally. I was working in childcare but the last few months I would cancel shifts and even whole weeks of work because of my pain. This caused me stress because I was always worried about whether I'd be able to work and the stress made my pain worse so I'd have to cancel my shift. I did a 3 hour shift today after not sleeping last night because of pain and I only just made it through the pain was unbearable. I called the office after my shift and told them I wasn't coping and they changed my status to inactive and told me to call them when I feel better. I just went to Centrelink and I'm applying for a Newstart allowance until I get a diagnosis, when I get my diagnosis I'll be applying for disability. If we found a cure for this condition there will be less people on disability. I never thought I'd have to go on disability especially at suck a young age, I'll be 30 next month. Are there many people here working or on disability?
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No more work for me.
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