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 A discussion with Alan Wolfe, Evann Hilt and Paul Schreckenberger about urinary microbiome

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PostSubject: A discussion with Alan Wolfe, Evann Hilt and Paul Schreckenberger about urinary microbiome   Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:04 pm

This is so interesting. It's a clip from the 2014 American Society for Microbiology General Meeting (uploaded in Feb 2016). It's a discussion with Alan Wolfe, Evann Hilt and Paul Schreckenberger from the Loyola University of Chicago on what they have been learning about the urinary microbiome. They say new evidence is forcing them to question everything they've ever been believed about the urinary tract. Based on new findings, they explain how clinical labs are missing genuine infections by using the wrong culturing conditions (media, thresholds, growth time, growing conditions) - and that clinical microbiologists and clinicians are not accepting the science because old dogmas are difficult to dispel. They touch on the very real possibility of 'urinary microbiome transplants' once they fully understand the relationship between the good and bad bacteria in the urinary tract. It's definitely worth watching. I hope someone from the Marshall research team can take 30 mins to sit down to this.

A couple of quotes from the clip:

"Everything that we think we know [about the urinary tract], needs to be reassessed. It may be right, but it may be wrong," Alan Wolfe.

"Dogma very often occurs because someone established something that was correct for one condition. And then for some reason, that test migrated to another scenario and becomes rock solid. And then somebody else comes along and says the dogma's not right and they are shouted down," Alan Wolfe.

"That’s another myth – the fact that infections are present only when the bacteria are present at 10^5 or greater. And, that was never the intent of Kass’ original report. The amount of bacteria present in a urine in people that have UTI varies throughout the 24 hour clock. When you get up in the morning and the urine been concentrated during the night, sure it can be 10^5. But at 11 o’clock when you’ve had your coffee and urinated a few of times, it can be 10^2 and that’s also significant. But labs aren’t culturing at 10^2 and so I think we miss a lot of true urinary tract infections by setting these cut off limits based on another dogma that we think needs to be trashed. We basically have to relearn everthing about urinary tract because we were misled. Our beliefs were unfounded. We are now, with the new science, realising everthing we were taught is probably wrong. The clinicians that we work with are quite distraught over this," Paul Schreckenberger.

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A discussion with Alan Wolfe, Evann Hilt and Paul Schreckenberger about urinary microbiome
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