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 DNA Sequencing of bacteria in the urine

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PostSubject: DNA Sequencing of bacteria in the urine   Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:03 pm


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PostSubject: Re: DNA Sequencing of bacteria in the urine   Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:20 pm

I had my urine tested via this lab and they found bacteria that was not picked up in the Australian tests. Yes we all have bacteria BUT, these tests show things that are not being picked up and elevated levels of bacteria. The lab checks for DNA markers in the uring rather than trying to grow bacteria which is what is done in Aus.

You have to be prepared to do some work, in gathering all the bits and pieces you need for these tests and it is not cheap, but it does give you in black and white what bugs you have that you should not have, getting treatment is then the challenge as so many GPs are against long term antibiotics.
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DNA Sequencing of bacteria in the urine
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