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 Dr Curtis Nickel interview on UTI testing (2017)

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PostSubject: Dr Curtis Nickel interview on UTI testing (2017)   Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:12 pm

This interview with Dr Curtis Nickel from Queen's University in Canada gives us something to think about when it comes to UTI testing:

"We make our clinical decisions in infectious disease in urology based on technology that’s over 100-years-old.  We’re still taking urine samples, plating it on an AGAR, and putting it in 24 hours in an incubator and then making a decision.  We now know that we grow less than one percent of potential uropathogens by this technique; we don’t culture biofilm bacteria; and we miss 99.9 precent of possible microorganisms that are in the environment that might be related to infectious disease.”
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Dr Curtis Nickel interview on UTI testing (2017)
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