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 QUELL....it helped my pain!!..after 47 years of suicidal pain 24/7

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PostSubject: QUELL....it helped my pain!!..after 47 years of suicidal pain 24/7   Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:42 am

Hello my fellow IC friends,
It has been awhile. Same old, same old. IC for 47 years, 24/7. Suicidal, but waiting to die naturally. Waited this long.     Then I tried QUELL.    As a bit of history, I used a $600 TENs unit in the 1980’s for a whole year and it never helped one bit. But I shelled out $250 for a QUELL in the late summer of 2017.

After a number of weeks I ran out of electrodes and couldn’t use it for a whole 24 hours. I became panicky and realized it was helping me. By ~ three months it reached what I now call status quo. It does not take away enough of the pain  BUT it helps enough that I can sleep, smile without being fake, and am no longer suicidal. I can read a whole book whereas before I could only concentrate on magazine articles. Once in awhile my pain escalates and I have noticed that it is due to inclement weather.

Please let me know if anyone has tried this. I read that it was developed at MIT. The folks on the QUELL site are helpful and courteous. But they didn’t give me false hope. That was great- have had enough of that. I hope it helps others. Fingers crossed. I have begun spreading the word even among my friends who have non IC pain.

All the best. Hope to hear back.
IC Queen
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QUELL....it helped my pain!!..after 47 years of suicidal pain 24/7
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